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The Advanced Light Source is a Department of Energy-funded synchrotron facility that provides users from around the world access to the brightest beams of soft x-rays, together with hard x-rays and infrared, for scientific research and technology development in a wide range of disciplines.


Message from ALS and ALS-U Directors on High-Field Bend Magnets in the ALS-U Project

The ALS-U Project has been weighing which technology to implement to have the best chance of preserving the ALS’s highly valuable and productive tender and hard x-ray programs after the ALS is upgraded. Taking into account both user needs as well as the project’s technical risk, schedule, and cost, we have decided to move forward with permanent magnet (3.2 T) source points. read more

Linking Structure to Behavior in Twisted Liquid Crystals

Researchers untangled connections between structure and behavior in a class of liquid crystals consisting of flexible, chain-like molecules that self-organize into twisting patterns. The study opens up new possibilities for designing novel liquid-crystal molecules that allow greater control of nanoscale behavior for technological applications. Read more »PPT-icon-35 PDF-icon-35

X-Ray Studies Key in Study Relating to Immune System-Signaling Protein

A grouping of amino acids—part of an important signaling protein, STING—plays an important role in activating the immune system. A study conducted through the Collaborative Crystallography program at the ALS confirmed how this part of the STING protein helps to bind a protein-modifying enzyme associated with autoimmune diseases and some cancers. Read more »

A Crackling Analysis of Stripe and Skyrmion Phases

Through statistical analysis of “crackling” (a system’s jerky response to slowly changing conditions), researchers demonstrated fundamental differences between skyrmion and stripe phases in a layered heterostructure. The method has broad applicability to many complex materials of interest for emerging information technologies. Read more »


CVs Now Required for All On-Site Foreign Nationals

As of February 1, all on-site foreign nationals (non-US citizens) are required to provide their CV listing all science and technology activities to complete their registration. Read more

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