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The Advanced Light Source is a Department of Energy-funded synchrotron facility that provides users from around the world access to the brightest beams of soft x-rays, together with hard x-rays and infrared, for scientific research and technology development in a wide range of disciplines.


COVID-19 Status Update

The ALS is following Department of Energy and local guidelines to gradually bring staff back on site as part of Berkeley Lab pilots. As information becomes available, we will update our policies to prioritize the safety of our staff while we ramp up operations at the facility. To stay up to date, please consult:

How Water Promotes Catalysis of Methane to Methanol

Researchers unraveled how water helps catalyze the conversion of methane, the main component of natural gas, into methanol, a liquid fuel. The work supports the efficient production of methanol and other useful chemicals and could help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released by the flaring and venting of methane. Read more »PPT-icon-35 PDF-icon-35


User Meeting August 25–28 Fully Virtual!

This year, our User Meeting will take place online, with the full slate of plenary talks, updates, and posters. Make sure you register by the deadline to get the links. Read More

Roland Koch, Research Scientist

Roland Koch first became fascinated with synchrotron work at BESSY in Germany. He has been at the ALS ever since he finished his PhD and is happy to teach others everything from getting more meaningful data to flying a plane. Read more »

Artificial Antiferromagnets Facilitate Studies of Domain-Wall Motion

Researchers fabricated artificial spin lattices that undergo a paramagnetic-to-antiferromagnetic phase transition. These artificial antiferromagnets enable studies of dynamical properties that are critical to understanding, and ultimately implementing, real-world applications such as advanced computing and data-storage technologies. Read more »

2020 Shirley Award to Honor Miquel Salmeron

By taking surface studies from ultrahigh vacuum to near-ambient pressure, Miquel Salmeron’s work at the ALS has had deep impact on a broad range of scientific questions, revealing the chemical, electronic, and mechanical properties of surfaces and interfaces on the nanometer (and often atomic) scale. Read more »

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