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The Advanced Light Source is a U.S. Department of Energy scientific user facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our mission is to advance science for the benefit of society by providing our world-class synchrotron light source capabilities and expertise to a broad scientific community.

Probing Active-Site Chemical States in a Co-Based Catalyst

Researchers identified the dominant chemical state of active sites in a cobalt-based catalyst using resonant photoemission spectroscopy under realistic conditions. The work will help scientists develop more-efficient catalysts for removing noxious carbon monoxide gas from exhaust streams generated by the burning of fossil fuels. Read more »PPT-icon-35

Bifurcation of High- and Low-Energy Electrons in Microbial Metabolism

A class of chemical reaction found only in biology, electron bifurcation channels two electrons from one donor to two separate acceptors, with one electron elevated in energy at the expense of lowering the energy of the second. Researchers used the ALS to study this process in a microbial protein involved in this bioenergetic pathway. Read more »

The Effects of Diabetes on Spinal-Column Biomechanics

Researchers found that type 2 diabetes induces earlier onset of plastic (nonrecoverable) deformation in intervertebral discs by impairing the biomechanical behavior of collagen. A greater understanding of the underlying causes of tissue failure in diabetes—a growing problem worldwide—is important in helping to prevent and treat symptoms. Read more »PPT-icon-35

Matthew Marcus, STXM Beamline Scientist

From the microscope at work to the telescope at home, Matthew Marcus is captivated by space sciences. In this interview, he shares some of the findings from Beamline as well as stories from his long career in x-ray science. Read more »

Save the Date: 2024 ALS User Meeting

Don’t miss the 2024 ALS User Meeting featuring invited speakers, hands-on workshops, tutorials, and a potential collaborative workshop with the ALS and Molecular Foundry. Exciting discussions await, so mark your calendars for August 12–14. Read more »