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The Advanced Light Source is a U.S. Department of Energy scientific user facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our mission is to advance science for the benefit of society by providing our world-class synchrotron light source capabilities and expertise to a broad scientific community.


ALS User Meeting, August 12–14

Don’t miss the 2024 ALS User Meeting, featuring invited speakers, hands-on workshops, tutorials, and two ALS–Molecular Foundry joint workshops. Register by July 22»

Time-Resolved SAXS Screen of Small-Molecule Drug Candidates

Time-resolved, high-throughput, small-angle x-ray scattering improved the screening of small-molecule drug candidates, providing insight into how they stimulate structural transitions in protein targets. The work will speed the discovery of treatments designed to activate biomolecular dynamics associated with desired therapeutic outcomes. Read more »PPT-icon-35 PDF-icon-35

Mechanistic Insight into a Viral-Factory Component

Recent protein-structure studies conducted at the ALS provided mechanistic insights into the function of a protein (σNS) involved in viral replication. Understanding these mechanisms will foster the development of therapeutic strategies against viruses that use σNS-like proteins to replicate. Read more »

ATLAS Masterclass Visits the ALS

In late April, the Berkeley Lab Physics Division hosted an ATLAS masterclass for high school students where they could learn about high energy and particle physics and analyze real data from the ATLAS detector at the LHC at CERN. For on-site participants, the day included a tour of the ALS. Read more »

September Call for 2023 and 2024 Publications

All publications resulting from work done in whole, or in part, at the ALS must be recorded by the User Office for the Department of Energy (DOE). Please help ensure our records are complete by reporting your ALS publications, especially those published in 2023 and 2024. Read more »