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The Advanced Light Source is a Department of Energy-funded synchrotron facility that provides users from around the world access to the brightest beams of soft x-rays, together with hard x-rays and infrared, for scientific research and technology development in a wide range of disciplines.

A Probe of Light-Harvesting Efficiency at the Nanoscale

Using time-resolved experiments at the ALS, researchers found a way to count electrons moving back and forth across a model interface for photoelectrochemical cells. The findings provide real-time, nanoscale insight into the efficiency of nanomaterial catalysts that help turn sunlight and water into fuel through artificial photosynthesis. Read more »PPT-icon-35 PDF-icon-35

Sophie Morley, Research Scientist

Sophie Morley became an ALS staff member this July but started coming to the ALS as a user in 2012. Sophie likes to surf and mountain bike, but read more to find out what she really considers to be her playground. Read more »

Characterization of EUV Optics using Intrinsic Mask Roughness

Researchers developed an in situ computational technique for measuring aberrations in EUV optics, taking advantage of the surface roughness of photomasks used to transfer circuit patterns onto chips. The technique will prove increasingly valuable in the characterization of coherent light sources and beamline optical systems. Read more »

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