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The Advanced Light Source is a Department of Energy-funded synchrotron facility that provides users from around the world access to the brightest beams of soft x-rays, together with hard x-rays and infrared, for scientific research and technology development in a wide range of disciplines.

New Evidence for a Water-Rich History on Mars

Mars may have been a wetter place than previously thought, according to experiments on lab-synthesized mineral samples serving as proxies for Martian meteorites. Shock experiments followed by x-ray diffraction studies showed how changes in the minerals could indicate a more water-rich history for the Red Planet. ... Read more »

A Systematic Approach to Customizing Cyclic Proteins

Proteins consisting of identical subunits arranged symmetrically around a central axis (cyclic homo-oligomers) play key roles in many biological processes. Researchers have now developed a systematic approach to their design and demonstrated its accuracy using protein crystallography and small-angle x-ray scattering. ... Read more »

Monika Blum, Assistant Research Professor and UEC Chair

Moni Blum has been coming to the ALS since she was a young graduate student. She’s now an assistant research professor at UNLV in Clemens Heske’s group and oversees their synchrotron activities at the ALS. The group uses ALS Beamlines 8.3.2 and 9.3.1 to study materials for energy conversion. Blum also serves as chair of the UEC. ... Read more »

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Doctoral Fellowship Applications Due June 30

ALS Doctoral Fellowships allow early-career researchers to spend a year in residence at Berkeley Lab working at the ALS.

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