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The Advanced Light Source is a U.S. Department of Energy scientific user facility at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our mission is to advance science for the benefit of society by providing our world-class synchrotron light source capabilities and expertise to a broad scientific community.

Bacterial Enzyme Produces Biodegradable Polymer

Researchers discovered a bacterial enzyme that synthesizes a biopolymer whose repeating units are linked together in way that had not been previously observed. The new polymer is biodegradable and may be biocompatible, with potential for applications ranging from medical therapeutics to eco-friendly plastic alternatives. Read more »PPT-icon-35 PDF-icon-35

Paris Gordon, User Services Office Administrator

Paris Gordon’s love of science started at a young age, as did her connection to Berkeley Lab. Throughout her 24 years here, she has built strong relationships with people from all around the world. Find out more about what she does in the User Office. Read more »

Three SCGSR Awardees to Conduct Research at the ALS

The Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program will provide Michelle Devoe (UC Berkeley), Abraham Lewis Levitan (MIT), and Dayne Yoshiki Sasaki (UC Davis) with supplemental awards to conduct research at the ALS in areas that address scientific challenges central to the Office of Science mission. Read more »

Looking Inside a Battery with Infrared Light

Researchers have developed a new infrared methodology with unparalleled spatial and chemical imaging capabilities that helps to characterize processes at the interfaces between electrodes and electrolytes, with an eye toward bringing increased safety, lifetime, and energy density to the next-generation solid-state battery market. Read more »

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